We are very happy to present our new collection BE FREE!

In Be Free, the game is the key. We were inspired by the nostalgia of our own childhood where there were no rules when mixing all kinds of colors and prints in our clothes. Dressing up became a game and a way to express our individuality.

That's why we decided to play with new colors for our classic garments: Neon Green, Neon Purple, Burgundy, Mint Lava, and Burgundy Lava. We also wanted to experiment with a new line of color blocks and infinite grids.

And we have a surprise for you! Our first collaboration has finally arrived! While searching for inspiration on Instagram, we came across the profile of @M.Suksu, an Argentine illustrator who creates these somewhat ghostly and abstract characters that, for him, have no definition but we think they are very cute.

Play, be free, and mix the new neon colors, lava textures, and magical characters of Be Free!


¡Jueguen, sean libres y felices mezclando los nuevos colores neón, texturas lava y personajes mágicos de Sé Free!


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