Our Story

Very Feliz, clothes for playing, first began in the mind of an inquisitive child. Four-year-old Juana was looking around a clothing store when she wondered about why the only clothing meant for her were pink dresses. She didn’t think she would be comfortable playing in those kinds of garments, even though she does love her dresses. That day she was in a more rambunctious mood. She wanted to buy the clothes meant for boys because she found them to be, in her own words, more “adventurous” and “cool”! That day, thanks to her questions and observations, we began the dream to start Very Feliz.


Very Feliz celebrates that all children can dress any way that comforts them, in any color from pink to blue. We believe that through clothing with a relaxed fit kids will feel a freedom to play, explore and express themselves happily.


At Very Feliz we know that free play during childhood can help to construct a healthy adult. Whether Juana grows up to work as an artist or a scientist, we would love for her to still be a child at heart. Free play is an important aspect of a wholesome childhood - these clothes will help to facilitate that type of creative time spent, whether jumping around or reading a book. Play is at the center of our brand; that is why we have decided to design clothing that is unisex, all season appropriate, and very durable.


Our mission is to make children’s clothes through conscious methods. For this reason, all our clothes are made in Mexico with fair labor practices. We are involved in all the production processes to ensure top quality standards. Lastly, we are proud to be a small business run by women, all of whom are also mothers!


We hope that these clothes bring a playful and fun experience to those who share in our project.


Thank you,

Very Feliz